Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And There You Have It

The pageant is finally over. It was three days of a lot of Hurry Hurry Hurry......wait! We each had to come up with a goal that we had to complete  by the end even if we didn't win which apparently was everyone's goal. I felt a little guilty because for sure I didn't win and frankly I didn't even want to place in the top. My goal for the entire weekend and leading up to the pageant was to feel so good about myself when I walked across the stage in a true bikini and three inch stilettos. When the moment came, I wasn't the skinniest, or even the most beautiful there but walking across people cheering believing in myself that was the best. It was exactly what I wanted and needed to realize I was doing this. All the hard work I had put in to get to that point was exactly what I wanted.

Now that it's over, I am obsessed with working out. I missed a few weeks between school and work and everything else. And I'm ready! I'm down just forty pounds so that's another 25. If I came this far then I can go another 25 pounds. My next physical adventure is a full marathon!

Helpful Hint: Stay Motivated especially through the holidays. Make small changes like eating just slightly less desert or walking after any meal you can!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


How many hitches can one person have? First the INSANITY dvds I borrowed ended up not working so there was a small break in my workout until the dvds I ordered came in and then this week I become so ill that I couldn't work out. And I really have turned into that person. I have been feeling so sluggish and mean because I haven't been able to work out. I have a doctors appointment on Friday so hopefully I will start to feel better ASAP! The pageant is in 79 days exactly!

Also, meeting with the new personal trainer on Monday. Friend of the paid eye candy. Hopefully I won't have to change trainers anymore after this one

Helpful Hint: As much as it's good to exercise some every day, If you're sick pass and fully recoup before you hint the mat hard again

Monday, August 23, 2010

Uh Oh

Today was day one of the 60 day INSANITY work was only the fitness test but I hurt already. Not good but good at the same time. I went from someone who hates working out. Dreaded made up every excuse not to go. Sometimes when my mom said I should go work out on the membership she bought for me in high school I would drive down and sit in my car and work on homework. Now I love it. The more pain the better the work out in my mind now. I don't know what came over me to change me from a lazy bum who sat in her dorm room drinking dozens of diet cokes a day watching anything that was on television. To planning on pulling all night marathon trainings, doing the INSANITY work out and continuing to train at the gym. But I like it and I hope that this new energy in my investment of my health continues for a long time!

Helpful hint: Pick something to get you motivated but not a  picture of someone skinnier. Maybe a swimsuit hanging on the door [mine's a white and gold cut out =)  ]

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not so good

Alright, well this weight loss thing isn't going so well for me lately. But Ryan from the church is going to lend me the "Insanity workout" from Shaun T maker of Hip-Hop Abs. Not that I've watched or hemed and hawed about what workout I'm going to start next. So Monday morning 4:10 am INSANITY WORKOUT! I have 90 days from today until the pageant so it'll be just short of the full workout.

Helpful Hint: Don't forget that you should change your workout every six weeks and if you don't like the workout you're on just change it just keep working out whatever it is!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Satisfied vs. Full

I think alot of people have the same issue I have or maybe it's just a famiy thing: I eat a meal and I feel full enough to last until the next meal........and yet I keep eating. I can stop myself but I just keep eating. Even today (day one of 1250 calories) I had a large lunch of three-egg deviled egg salad with a thin bun [best invention literally of sliced bread] with cheese and I was full. So I opened my bag of cherries and started snacking on those but decided I was pretty full so I put them away and a little while later I had a pudding cup. I think weightloss wise that's my biggest challenge.

Helpful Hint: Pre-package everything and practice self control as best you can. Eat only enough to make it to the next meal.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Forever Changing

It is a theory that changing your diet everything eight-ish weeks, and your exercise routine every six weeks is good for your system. It keeps it guessing and hopefully continuous progress. However, silly diets don't help at all under any circumstance. I just finished a diet where I could eat anything I wanted as long as I did it three hours after I'd been awake and three hours before I went to bed. Maybe I did it becuase it sounded easy but let me tell you when it comes to losing weight easy usually doesn't work. I have found that couting calores is truly the best way to go. I know it's time consuming but I found out that to figure out your Daily Calorie Intake you should take your goal weight times ten. I'm goal weight is between 125-135 so the middle 130 times ten is 1300 which is pretty reasonable to me. It may be hard but with good self disicpline I think it'll be perfect. Pluse alot of electronics are using electronic calorie counters making it easier than ever. Tomorrow starts the buckle down. I've only got 174 days until I want to be at my goal measurements. LET'S GET IT STARTED!!!!

Helpful Hint: Count calories. It's easy and makes you accountable to binges and overeating.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Skinny vs. Skinnier

Yes I am skinnier but by no means am I skinny or thin. I'm looking great but secretly I want someone to be jealous and tell me I need to eat a piece of cake. I want to eat something and not feel guilty because I'm so skinny it doesn't matter.

This is similar to the "Oh my goodness you didn't look like you weighed nearly 200 pounds!" or "Wow you don't look like you weigh 170!" or even the newest "You can't lose thirty more pounds!" Trust me the healthy people say thirty more pounds and 8 inches around my waist.

I'm staring with a new trainer on Friday and I'm hoping that she'll help me mostly with my core section. The weight I've lost has really helped my arms and when I walk in the mornings I try and carry weights. And the walking (hopefully) is thinning my legs.

Helpful Hint: People are going to talk and you really need to be losing weight and getting healthy for yourself and not for other people. It keeps your motivation up.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Run as fast as you can!

I'm a slacker.....back to weight loss

This past weekend was a vacation and I used it as a guilt free eat fest. Even when I wasn't hungry I ate, when I was I ate more. And to top it off I didn't work out once. I've officially lost 26 pounds. No movement either way.....not thirty (half) or any where closer to my goal.

My major problem is I seem to have fallen out of the work out routine.......again, not a surprise I guess. And of course I can't just go back to working out or any form of working out instead I've decided that Monday begins my work out craze. I leave for Jersey in three weeks and I need to be fit. To top it all off, I've decided to work on training for a marathon. That's 26 miles. Every one's tried to talk me into a half-marathon or a tri-atholon and the fact is it's not even about the length it is however the following: Runner's have lean bodies which is typically a fit body and secondly I can't run.

I can't run. Not more than a mile and even that much makes me feel like I need to throw up and lay down. So I've made a little plan and if it goes accordingly I'll be able to run 26.3 miles in February. That's not that close so it's very do-able.

Helpful Hint: Plan your workouts. Seeing it in your schedule and setting aside the time leaves no excuses

Monday, May 24, 2010


It's hard to be on vacation and eat well to lose weight. However I found that trying not to eat unless I'm hungry was still a good rule to live by. I have been holding out until nine am to eat breakfast. If breakfast was served at seven I didn't eat but I grabbed maybe a granola bar that way when I was hungry I could eat. Its easy to fall into the vacation snack attack where you constantly eat. The first day I was on vacation I literally had two dinners! I can not tell you the last time I had two dinners. But the next day I had half a bagel in the morning and took a sandwhich and ate that mid morning another sandwhich mid afternoon and then dinner. Friday I didn't eat any breakfast because I slept in and lunch was early. I did find that by eating a protein packed lunch I wasn't as hungry the rest of the day and then we went out to dinner. I did indulge and had a pasta but it was less than I thought calories scoring in at 790.

When we went to the reception I ate a piece of chicken and limited myself to one cookie and when I was still a little  hungry afterwards I ate vegetables again a good stand by. Then dinner and frankly I can't remember what we had. Then on Sunday I had a lunch sandwhich with no mayonnaise which is the healthy alternative to deli sandwhiches. And then a weird chicken for dinner but I ate the chicken and potatoes. A good source or protein and good, filling carbs. It's okay to splurge just don't go overboard 100% the entire time.

Helpful Hint: Don't eat just because everyone else is. Hold a drink or chew spicy gum so you don't feel tempted.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ah pizza

I'm not down weight but I've been working out with PAC (paid arm candy) and it's been going alright. I think I need to just committ to going at 6am that way the gym is a little emptier. I do wish that I could afford to work out with him three times a week that way I'd have to show up. But there's not longer any excuse when I can go before work. I also feel better when I work out in the morning. However they had a pizza extravaganza on Friday in the office and I ate alot of pizza.........alot. But I did use my if I'm not hungry don't eat rule and I think it worked because I didn't gain weight.

Finally I got all my measurments done yesterday and I'm excited to see the numbers come back. I'm not taking summer school I need something to obsessive over. =)

Helpful hint: Even if you don't feel like working out go. When you're done or seeing some results you'll feel better.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Paid Arm Candy

To all of you this may seem odd......but it's really three words. I paid for a personal trainer. He killed my arms (hence the not updating). I really just wanted to eat candy. However he was very attractive and I think he knows it. During the begining of our session we flirted my personal expertise but then he said oh my girlfriend........ I stopped listening after that. I'm glad another cute guy is of course un-single. But anyway back to the work out. Paid Arm Candy felt that I wasn't working hard enough so he kept upping the weight. To top it off he doesn't count! He said that he waits till I look tired and then makes me do a few more. Ah the life of a personal trainer.

PS He also complained about the fact that he has to eat 5000/6000 calories a day. And that he's jealous that I can eat healthy and eat 1200 calories a day.......please clearly Paid Arm Candy doesn't enjoy food enough or maybe it's the fact that he's not a girl.

Helpful hint: Try to push yourself past where you're tired, it'll make the workout more effective.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mysterious One Pound

I love when I feel like I've spent the last several days breaking all the healthy life rules I've set for myself and in turn my scale reads a pound less! But where did this mysterious pound go? I had dinner with my friend last night and she fed my emotional distress by making pizza and root beer floats. Delicious I must say! But then the scale was so nice to me this morning. I did observe restraint yesterday in the middle of the day by eating fruit all day (and some M & Ms) so maybe that's the trick. When planning to eat badly you have to choose one meal and it should probabbly be your last meal of the day. My personal theory behind making it the last meal is the fact that I feel like if I start the day off with a bad meal then I mine as well throw the whole day off the healthy boat and eat badly all day. But by making it the last meal of the day the day is then over and therefore no room to eat badly all day.

Helpful hint: Exchange one meal a day with a sizeable portion of fruit to fill you up!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Give me comfort food!

I guess I'm sort of back to emotional eating. For the past three days I've been craving either Marconi and Cheese or Rice Pilaf with extra salt. Luckily my mom only has bought one and not a life time supply of both which I could probably down this week without thinking about it.

So last night I had two small cheese crisps and a package of fruit snacks. I also indulged myself in a soda, which after not having soda in quite sometime was too sweet but of course I choked it down instead of just throwing it out.

Helpful Hint: If it doesn't taste good, or if you don't feel like it don't eat it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Down a half pound but I haven't been to the gym in seven days. I've been tryin to walk as much as posssible and it must be working. And of course my stand by: cereal and/or salad.

I found a great deal on a personal trainer but I haven't gotten a call back. I'll try a few more days with the highly recommended guy if not I'll try someone else. I want to be working out with them Monday or Tuesday.

My new goal is to lose 45lbs or reduce me body percent fat to between 15% and 20%. Whichever comes first becuase if I hear one more person tell me I don't look that heavy or muscle weighs more than fat I may have to punch them!

Helpful Hint: Even a quick walk around the block will not only make you feel better but help you to counter act the calories.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Till Now

As some of you may or may not know I have be known for eating as a coping mechanism. While I have a very blessed life I do have stress. On Thanksgiving my grandmother whom I was so close to passed away. Followed by a boy that I loved taking me across the country to meet his family who turned out to not really like me. Followed closely by a very unfortunate break up. All of which occurred in my personal life in less than three months.

When I made my first weigh in it read 197 pounds. Some of you may or may not think I looked like I was close to 200 pounds but I was and I was not happy with it. So I signed up for two months of intense aerobics. I worked out typically two hours a day five days a week and of course ate right. I even did a quick health crash two weeks before a big event which included six pre-portioned meals of no more than two and a half cups; one had to contain a dairy, a carb and a protein and the rest was fruits and vegetables. Surprisingly the health crash didn't work as well as the pure workout and change in diet.

So here I stand 22.5 pounds lighter. Off the work out bandwagon knowing that summer is coming. Alot of my friends wanted to know how so I thought I'd "blog" my journey through the next 42.5 pounds giving tips as they worked for me but also giving my friends an opportunity to add theirs.

Let the weight loss continue!!