Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mysterious One Pound

I love when I feel like I've spent the last several days breaking all the healthy life rules I've set for myself and in turn my scale reads a pound less! But where did this mysterious pound go? I had dinner with my friend last night and she fed my emotional distress by making pizza and root beer floats. Delicious I must say! But then the scale was so nice to me this morning. I did observe restraint yesterday in the middle of the day by eating fruit all day (and some M & Ms) so maybe that's the trick. When planning to eat badly you have to choose one meal and it should probabbly be your last meal of the day. My personal theory behind making it the last meal is the fact that I feel like if I start the day off with a bad meal then I mine as well throw the whole day off the healthy boat and eat badly all day. But by making it the last meal of the day the day is then over and therefore no room to eat badly all day.

Helpful hint: Exchange one meal a day with a sizeable portion of fruit to fill you up!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Give me comfort food!

I guess I'm sort of back to emotional eating. For the past three days I've been craving either Marconi and Cheese or Rice Pilaf with extra salt. Luckily my mom only has bought one and not a life time supply of both which I could probably down this week without thinking about it.

So last night I had two small cheese crisps and a package of fruit snacks. I also indulged myself in a soda, which after not having soda in quite sometime was too sweet but of course I choked it down instead of just throwing it out.

Helpful Hint: If it doesn't taste good, or if you don't feel like it don't eat it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Down a half pound but I haven't been to the gym in seven days. I've been tryin to walk as much as posssible and it must be working. And of course my stand by: cereal and/or salad.

I found a great deal on a personal trainer but I haven't gotten a call back. I'll try a few more days with the highly recommended guy if not I'll try someone else. I want to be working out with them Monday or Tuesday.

My new goal is to lose 45lbs or reduce me body percent fat to between 15% and 20%. Whichever comes first becuase if I hear one more person tell me I don't look that heavy or muscle weighs more than fat I may have to punch them!

Helpful Hint: Even a quick walk around the block will not only make you feel better but help you to counter act the calories.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Till Now

As some of you may or may not know I have be known for eating as a coping mechanism. While I have a very blessed life I do have stress. On Thanksgiving my grandmother whom I was so close to passed away. Followed by a boy that I loved taking me across the country to meet his family who turned out to not really like me. Followed closely by a very unfortunate break up. All of which occurred in my personal life in less than three months.

When I made my first weigh in it read 197 pounds. Some of you may or may not think I looked like I was close to 200 pounds but I was and I was not happy with it. So I signed up for two months of intense aerobics. I worked out typically two hours a day five days a week and of course ate right. I even did a quick health crash two weeks before a big event which included six pre-portioned meals of no more than two and a half cups; one had to contain a dairy, a carb and a protein and the rest was fruits and vegetables. Surprisingly the health crash didn't work as well as the pure workout and change in diet.

So here I stand 22.5 pounds lighter. Off the work out bandwagon knowing that summer is coming. Alot of my friends wanted to know how so I thought I'd "blog" my journey through the next 42.5 pounds giving tips as they worked for me but also giving my friends an opportunity to add theirs.

Let the weight loss continue!!