Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Give me comfort food!

I guess I'm sort of back to emotional eating. For the past three days I've been craving either Marconi and Cheese or Rice Pilaf with extra salt. Luckily my mom only has bought one and not a life time supply of both which I could probably down this week without thinking about it.

So last night I had two small cheese crisps and a package of fruit snacks. I also indulged myself in a soda, which after not having soda in quite sometime was too sweet but of course I choked it down instead of just throwing it out.

Helpful Hint: If it doesn't taste good, or if you don't feel like it don't eat it.


  1. I want to comment. I COMPLETELY understand the problem of continuing to eat something when it DOESN'T EVEN TASTE GOOD, much less when I'm not even hungry. It's almost as if I'm waiting for that ONE bite to come that will fill me with every delicious flavor and wonderful experience...but it never does lol. Great blog, Kim! I'm gunna havta follow you...:)

  2. Sorry, by "ASU" it means Angela Bevilacqua lol.