Monday, May 24, 2010


It's hard to be on vacation and eat well to lose weight. However I found that trying not to eat unless I'm hungry was still a good rule to live by. I have been holding out until nine am to eat breakfast. If breakfast was served at seven I didn't eat but I grabbed maybe a granola bar that way when I was hungry I could eat. Its easy to fall into the vacation snack attack where you constantly eat. The first day I was on vacation I literally had two dinners! I can not tell you the last time I had two dinners. But the next day I had half a bagel in the morning and took a sandwhich and ate that mid morning another sandwhich mid afternoon and then dinner. Friday I didn't eat any breakfast because I slept in and lunch was early. I did find that by eating a protein packed lunch I wasn't as hungry the rest of the day and then we went out to dinner. I did indulge and had a pasta but it was less than I thought calories scoring in at 790.

When we went to the reception I ate a piece of chicken and limited myself to one cookie and when I was still a little  hungry afterwards I ate vegetables again a good stand by. Then dinner and frankly I can't remember what we had. Then on Sunday I had a lunch sandwhich with no mayonnaise which is the healthy alternative to deli sandwhiches. And then a weird chicken for dinner but I ate the chicken and potatoes. A good source or protein and good, filling carbs. It's okay to splurge just don't go overboard 100% the entire time.

Helpful Hint: Don't eat just because everyone else is. Hold a drink or chew spicy gum so you don't feel tempted.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ah pizza

I'm not down weight but I've been working out with PAC (paid arm candy) and it's been going alright. I think I need to just committ to going at 6am that way the gym is a little emptier. I do wish that I could afford to work out with him three times a week that way I'd have to show up. But there's not longer any excuse when I can go before work. I also feel better when I work out in the morning. However they had a pizza extravaganza on Friday in the office and I ate alot of pizza.........alot. But I did use my if I'm not hungry don't eat rule and I think it worked because I didn't gain weight.

Finally I got all my measurments done yesterday and I'm excited to see the numbers come back. I'm not taking summer school I need something to obsessive over. =)

Helpful hint: Even if you don't feel like working out go. When you're done or seeing some results you'll feel better.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Paid Arm Candy

To all of you this may seem odd......but it's really three words. I paid for a personal trainer. He killed my arms (hence the not updating). I really just wanted to eat candy. However he was very attractive and I think he knows it. During the begining of our session we flirted my personal expertise but then he said oh my girlfriend........ I stopped listening after that. I'm glad another cute guy is of course un-single. But anyway back to the work out. Paid Arm Candy felt that I wasn't working hard enough so he kept upping the weight. To top it off he doesn't count! He said that he waits till I look tired and then makes me do a few more. Ah the life of a personal trainer.

PS He also complained about the fact that he has to eat 5000/6000 calories a day. And that he's jealous that I can eat healthy and eat 1200 calories a day.......please clearly Paid Arm Candy doesn't enjoy food enough or maybe it's the fact that he's not a girl.

Helpful hint: Try to push yourself past where you're tired, it'll make the workout more effective.