Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ah pizza

I'm not down weight but I've been working out with PAC (paid arm candy) and it's been going alright. I think I need to just committ to going at 6am that way the gym is a little emptier. I do wish that I could afford to work out with him three times a week that way I'd have to show up. But there's not longer any excuse when I can go before work. I also feel better when I work out in the morning. However they had a pizza extravaganza on Friday in the office and I ate alot of pizza.........alot. But I did use my if I'm not hungry don't eat rule and I think it worked because I didn't gain weight.

Finally I got all my measurments done yesterday and I'm excited to see the numbers come back. I'm not taking summer school I need something to obsessive over. =)

Helpful hint: Even if you don't feel like working out go. When you're done or seeing some results you'll feel better.

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