Monday, May 3, 2010

Paid Arm Candy

To all of you this may seem odd......but it's really three words. I paid for a personal trainer. He killed my arms (hence the not updating). I really just wanted to eat candy. However he was very attractive and I think he knows it. During the begining of our session we flirted my personal expertise but then he said oh my girlfriend........ I stopped listening after that. I'm glad another cute guy is of course un-single. But anyway back to the work out. Paid Arm Candy felt that I wasn't working hard enough so he kept upping the weight. To top it off he doesn't count! He said that he waits till I look tired and then makes me do a few more. Ah the life of a personal trainer.

PS He also complained about the fact that he has to eat 5000/6000 calories a day. And that he's jealous that I can eat healthy and eat 1200 calories a day.......please clearly Paid Arm Candy doesn't enjoy food enough or maybe it's the fact that he's not a girl.

Helpful hint: Try to push yourself past where you're tired, it'll make the workout more effective.

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