Monday, May 24, 2010


It's hard to be on vacation and eat well to lose weight. However I found that trying not to eat unless I'm hungry was still a good rule to live by. I have been holding out until nine am to eat breakfast. If breakfast was served at seven I didn't eat but I grabbed maybe a granola bar that way when I was hungry I could eat. Its easy to fall into the vacation snack attack where you constantly eat. The first day I was on vacation I literally had two dinners! I can not tell you the last time I had two dinners. But the next day I had half a bagel in the morning and took a sandwhich and ate that mid morning another sandwhich mid afternoon and then dinner. Friday I didn't eat any breakfast because I slept in and lunch was early. I did find that by eating a protein packed lunch I wasn't as hungry the rest of the day and then we went out to dinner. I did indulge and had a pasta but it was less than I thought calories scoring in at 790.

When we went to the reception I ate a piece of chicken and limited myself to one cookie and when I was still a little  hungry afterwards I ate vegetables again a good stand by. Then dinner and frankly I can't remember what we had. Then on Sunday I had a lunch sandwhich with no mayonnaise which is the healthy alternative to deli sandwhiches. And then a weird chicken for dinner but I ate the chicken and potatoes. A good source or protein and good, filling carbs. It's okay to splurge just don't go overboard 100% the entire time.

Helpful Hint: Don't eat just because everyone else is. Hold a drink or chew spicy gum so you don't feel tempted.

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