Thursday, June 24, 2010

Skinny vs. Skinnier

Yes I am skinnier but by no means am I skinny or thin. I'm looking great but secretly I want someone to be jealous and tell me I need to eat a piece of cake. I want to eat something and not feel guilty because I'm so skinny it doesn't matter.

This is similar to the "Oh my goodness you didn't look like you weighed nearly 200 pounds!" or "Wow you don't look like you weigh 170!" or even the newest "You can't lose thirty more pounds!" Trust me the healthy people say thirty more pounds and 8 inches around my waist.

I'm staring with a new trainer on Friday and I'm hoping that she'll help me mostly with my core section. The weight I've lost has really helped my arms and when I walk in the mornings I try and carry weights. And the walking (hopefully) is thinning my legs.

Helpful Hint: People are going to talk and you really need to be losing weight and getting healthy for yourself and not for other people. It keeps your motivation up.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Run as fast as you can!

I'm a slacker.....back to weight loss

This past weekend was a vacation and I used it as a guilt free eat fest. Even when I wasn't hungry I ate, when I was I ate more. And to top it off I didn't work out once. I've officially lost 26 pounds. No movement either way.....not thirty (half) or any where closer to my goal.

My major problem is I seem to have fallen out of the work out routine.......again, not a surprise I guess. And of course I can't just go back to working out or any form of working out instead I've decided that Monday begins my work out craze. I leave for Jersey in three weeks and I need to be fit. To top it all off, I've decided to work on training for a marathon. That's 26 miles. Every one's tried to talk me into a half-marathon or a tri-atholon and the fact is it's not even about the length it is however the following: Runner's have lean bodies which is typically a fit body and secondly I can't run.

I can't run. Not more than a mile and even that much makes me feel like I need to throw up and lay down. So I've made a little plan and if it goes accordingly I'll be able to run 26.3 miles in February. That's not that close so it's very do-able.

Helpful Hint: Plan your workouts. Seeing it in your schedule and setting aside the time leaves no excuses