Thursday, June 17, 2010

Run as fast as you can!

I'm a slacker.....back to weight loss

This past weekend was a vacation and I used it as a guilt free eat fest. Even when I wasn't hungry I ate, when I was I ate more. And to top it off I didn't work out once. I've officially lost 26 pounds. No movement either way.....not thirty (half) or any where closer to my goal.

My major problem is I seem to have fallen out of the work out routine.......again, not a surprise I guess. And of course I can't just go back to working out or any form of working out instead I've decided that Monday begins my work out craze. I leave for Jersey in three weeks and I need to be fit. To top it all off, I've decided to work on training for a marathon. That's 26 miles. Every one's tried to talk me into a half-marathon or a tri-atholon and the fact is it's not even about the length it is however the following: Runner's have lean bodies which is typically a fit body and secondly I can't run.

I can't run. Not more than a mile and even that much makes me feel like I need to throw up and lay down. So I've made a little plan and if it goes accordingly I'll be able to run 26.3 miles in February. That's not that close so it's very do-able.

Helpful Hint: Plan your workouts. Seeing it in your schedule and setting aside the time leaves no excuses

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  1. Glad to see you were back at it this morning, me too!!!