Monday, July 26, 2010

Satisfied vs. Full

I think alot of people have the same issue I have or maybe it's just a famiy thing: I eat a meal and I feel full enough to last until the next meal........and yet I keep eating. I can stop myself but I just keep eating. Even today (day one of 1250 calories) I had a large lunch of three-egg deviled egg salad with a thin bun [best invention literally of sliced bread] with cheese and I was full. So I opened my bag of cherries and started snacking on those but decided I was pretty full so I put them away and a little while later I had a pudding cup. I think weightloss wise that's my biggest challenge.

Helpful Hint: Pre-package everything and practice self control as best you can. Eat only enough to make it to the next meal.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Forever Changing

It is a theory that changing your diet everything eight-ish weeks, and your exercise routine every six weeks is good for your system. It keeps it guessing and hopefully continuous progress. However, silly diets don't help at all under any circumstance. I just finished a diet where I could eat anything I wanted as long as I did it three hours after I'd been awake and three hours before I went to bed. Maybe I did it becuase it sounded easy but let me tell you when it comes to losing weight easy usually doesn't work. I have found that couting calores is truly the best way to go. I know it's time consuming but I found out that to figure out your Daily Calorie Intake you should take your goal weight times ten. I'm goal weight is between 125-135 so the middle 130 times ten is 1300 which is pretty reasonable to me. It may be hard but with good self disicpline I think it'll be perfect. Pluse alot of electronics are using electronic calorie counters making it easier than ever. Tomorrow starts the buckle down. I've only got 174 days until I want to be at my goal measurements. LET'S GET IT STARTED!!!!

Helpful Hint: Count calories. It's easy and makes you accountable to binges and overeating.