Monday, August 23, 2010

Uh Oh

Today was day one of the 60 day INSANITY work was only the fitness test but I hurt already. Not good but good at the same time. I went from someone who hates working out. Dreaded made up every excuse not to go. Sometimes when my mom said I should go work out on the membership she bought for me in high school I would drive down and sit in my car and work on homework. Now I love it. The more pain the better the work out in my mind now. I don't know what came over me to change me from a lazy bum who sat in her dorm room drinking dozens of diet cokes a day watching anything that was on television. To planning on pulling all night marathon trainings, doing the INSANITY work out and continuing to train at the gym. But I like it and I hope that this new energy in my investment of my health continues for a long time!

Helpful hint: Pick something to get you motivated but not a  picture of someone skinnier. Maybe a swimsuit hanging on the door [mine's a white and gold cut out =)  ]

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not so good

Alright, well this weight loss thing isn't going so well for me lately. But Ryan from the church is going to lend me the "Insanity workout" from Shaun T maker of Hip-Hop Abs. Not that I've watched or hemed and hawed about what workout I'm going to start next. So Monday morning 4:10 am INSANITY WORKOUT! I have 90 days from today until the pageant so it'll be just short of the full workout.

Helpful Hint: Don't forget that you should change your workout every six weeks and if you don't like the workout you're on just change it just keep working out whatever it is!