Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And There You Have It

The pageant is finally over. It was three days of a lot of Hurry Hurry Hurry......wait! We each had to come up with a goal that we had to complete  by the end even if we didn't win which apparently was everyone's goal. I felt a little guilty because for sure I didn't win and frankly I didn't even want to place in the top. My goal for the entire weekend and leading up to the pageant was to feel so good about myself when I walked across the stage in a true bikini and three inch stilettos. When the moment came, I wasn't the skinniest, or even the most beautiful there but walking across people cheering believing in myself that was the best. It was exactly what I wanted and needed to realize I was doing this. All the hard work I had put in to get to that point was exactly what I wanted.

Now that it's over, I am obsessed with working out. I missed a few weeks between school and work and everything else. And I'm ready! I'm down just forty pounds so that's another 25. If I came this far then I can go another 25 pounds. My next physical adventure is a full marathon!

Helpful Hint: Stay Motivated especially through the holidays. Make small changes like eating just slightly less desert or walking after any meal you can!

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